Race Recap: Colfax Half Marathon 2015

So this race was the second ever half marathon for me, and I have to say Disney is a tough act to follow. This was the 10th Anniversary of the race and while the medals were lovely, the race areas were well-marked and organized, and the portable toilets were plenty and fairly clean, I’m not sure I’d do this race again. For one thing, the parking was a nightmare, for another, while I loved going through the Denver Zoo, it wasn’t worth the hills you had to climb to get there. Not to mention they ran out of Gatorade at the last few stops by the time I made it out there (I’m slow, okay? REALLY slow). The packet pickup was at Wings over the Rockies, which was cool, but REALLY inconvenient, and I never would have made it there if I hadn’t gotten off work early on Friday.

I can’t compare it to any of the other Colfax races (5k, 10 miler, marathon, and relay) but as a stand alone for what it was worth, I’m not sorry I did it. Bonus that this year all the race photos were free!

Trip through the zoo and the firehouse
Well organized
Nice part of Denver
Interesting Packet Pickup Location

No Gatorade
So. Many. Hills.
Lots of running through uninteresting parts of the neighborhoods
Not very many spectators

 Here’s a link to the Colfax Race Series.

The medal in question is pretty awesome and came with a tiny medal baby for my purse.

Time: 1:30:29


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