Race Recap 2015: Bolder Boulder 10k

This is going to be a short one because literally everyone has run this race. And if you haven’t run it, you should. It is fun, slightly chaotic, well-managed, and just generally a good time. This was my first year running it, and while I had to miss part of Denver Comic Con, it was totally worth it. There was live music all along the course, the waves were well-marked, and there were plenty of portajohns. Packet pickup was the easiest ever since there were locations all over the city. The t-shirts are fantastic and I’m regretting not getting some kind of Sea Level is for Sissies merch (a hat or new sweatband would have been good).


My mom and I got my dad to drop us off so we wouldn’t have to fight parking, and we walked about a half mile to the starting line to meet up with our wave (PF). They sent us off pretty much right on the dot of when they said they would. The course is mildly hilly and goes through a lot of suburban areas, but because it is Boulder the views are awesome and tons of people were out bbqing and cheering and hollering, since it was also Memorial day.

Two things were a bit disappointing: Buffs stadium is under construction right now so that was less than thrilling as we climbed to the finish line, and they ran out of beer for the later racers! But other than that not bad, and the sample bags had plenty of food. The photos were free, but they weren’t individual ones, just big group shots, which is fine. They are decent quality so they’re easy to crop down. I didn’t set a PR since we had to stop to pee and the course was crowded, but who cares we had a great time.

My time: 1:40

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