Upcoming Races: Early 2016

So I’m officially signed up for the Key West Half Marathon in 2016!!! I am REALLY excited about this one. I’m also PROBABLY gonna sign up for the Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in February, so that will also be a giant, amazing party. I think I’ve suckered a few of my friends into both races which just makes it 10x better of course.

2015 Race Recap: Color Me Rad Denver


free race photos, so that’s something to think about!!!

So this was a totally different race from the Color Run. It is on (muddy) trails, for one thing. It was at the Chatfield Botanic Gardens and was a touch hilly, very hot, and muggy/buggy because of the soaking rains we keep having. Obviously, I don’t blame CMR at all for that, but I wish they’d had more water stops because of the heat and lack of trees in the latter part of the race.

I brought my own water, as did my Mom, which we were VERY thankful for. There was a lot more color overall in this race, and the addition of the goo was fun (but it DOES stain way more than the powder so be warned). I was covered from head to toe by the end of the race, with both color and mud, and my mom was only a little less covered.


So Color Run vs. Color Me Rad? They’re very different races and it really depends. Do you like pavement or trails? How coated in color do you want to be? Color Run has added medals this year, which I haven’t seen, so that’s a consideration. I got a Groupon for Color Me Rad and it was about $30/person with no charges for parking. It was also MUCH smaller than the Color Run, so better if you have kids. Wouldn’t want to run with a stroller on the trails (though some people were trying….) and the t-shirts were nice. The race photos for CMR were free and plentiful too.

I enjoyed this race, and since it is so close to my house I’ll probably do it again just because it was easy and fun. The Color Run was a massive, chaotic zoo, but it felt like more of a wild party.