Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Challenge 2015


So. This was the first year that Disney has done the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. And really it was wonderful overall, but I think I still prefer Disney WORLD. I haven’t done any other Disneyland races, so I don’t know if the half marathon route is the same for the other races through Anaheim, but I have to say I wasn’t super impressed. There was a lot of running along a drainage ditch, and for all the wonderful cosplayers and encouraging spectators…it didn’t really change the fact is was a bleak and sad area with random homeless encampments that were mysteriously vacant? Did Disney off the homeless people before the race? Who knows. Angels stadium was cool, and the WWII re-enactors were amazing, but the miles of sand and empty trail…ehhhhh.

The merchandise…was just bad. We won’t discuss the awful colors or the bad designs or any of that crap. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. I did buy an Infinity Gauntlet running hat because I needed a new hat, but if you want swag? Stick to the Princess.

Dancers WW2 Avengers

The whole thing happened right after the Paris attacks, so there were delays that I’m quite sure were related to the dozens of bomb dogs running around everywhere. No complaints there, I get that Disney was trying to keep everyone safe.

The Captain America 10k was fantastic, and I LOVED the route, so if you are looking for an excellent shorter race? DO THE 10K AND DON’T HESITATE. The medal for that one was also great.

Avengers Medals

The Infinity Gauntlet medal…well let’s just say there were some structural failures on the gems. They fell off pretty much instantly. That’s fine with me since it looks a little less gaudy without them. I got my Coast to Coast medal as well and THAT is stunning and wonderful and I’m so glad I had the chance to run both places.

On an aside…Disneyland was just packed to the gills and I can’t say I was impressed. Disney needs to either ban large strollers, or limit the numbers allowed in. I felt like I was being crushed multiple times, and nearly got run over a few other occasions.


All in all? The races were both worth doing once, and if you want your Coast to Coast? TOTALLY WORTH IT.


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