StitchFix pt. 1: Orange-Red Is Still Orange

First of all, StitchFix did not ask me to write this. They gave me a $20 credit so my first shipment would be free, but it was an automated “oh you have an account but didn’t order anything so let’s try to entice you” kind of thing. I didn’t speak to anyone in their PR department or get any nudges. This is 100% my opinion.

That said….well they tried. Part of it is my fault. I should have said NO ORANGE OR ORANGE RED instead of just NO ORANGE. It all makes me look jaundiced. Blue red is fine, but anything that even carries a whiff of orange is awful. I liked the style of both dresses they sent, but one had my hated color and one just did not fit right at the top. It also had a damaged belt loop but that wouldn’t have stopped me from keeping it if it had fit correctly. The necklace was too expensive, and the top they sent was ONCE AGAIN the wrong color. The black and white skater style skirt they sent was perfect though. I kept that. $68-$20 styling fee=$48 which is reasonable for something I can wear often.

All in all for a first shot they did OK. I would expect they’d understand color theory a bit better but maybe that’s asking too much from some poor overworked stylist in a warehouse somewhere. If you can get them to give you the $20 credit then I say it is worth a shot. If they give me another $20 credit I’ll probably give them a second chance. No skin off my nose if it doesn’t work in that case. Likely won’t do it otherwise.