Copyediting Rates

I’m posting this here just in case anyone happens to be interested. I’m almost done with my certificate from UCSD, and I work as a medical content editor full-time at my “real job.” If you have more NSFW stuff that needs editing, contact me and we can discuss topics and genres. I have done romance, fantasy, and YA, as well as resumes and cover letters. I also have a background in ecology and world literature if you need someone for more scholarly articles. Sarcasticmsem at gmail dot com for more information! 

$5/1000 words- sample for first time customers

$0.01/word- two passes for mechanical editing and major clarity issues 

$0.02/word- three passes for mechanical editing, clarity, style, and major content issues 

$0.04/word- non-native English speaker or major rewrites 

I do offer discounts for repeat customers or referrals! 


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