My Gear

I’m a larger girl, and I know how hard it is to get started when you’re not skinny and nobody tells you that you’re going to need certain things. Like Bodyglide. LOTS of Bodyglide. And some very well cushioned shoes.

In case anyone was wondering, here’s a list of the crap I run with:


  • Brooks Transcends 1 for under 5 miles (just bought some Transcends 2s and 3s)
  • Brooks Ariels for over 5 miles

Brooks seriously needs to send me some free shit for how often I have talked up their shoes to my friends and family. Go to a running store and get fitted for your shoes. Don’t just buy whatever someone else has. Don’t go by looks.


Garmin Forerunner 230 (I’ll post a more in depth review of this later, but I love it)


Camelback handheld insulted (because ice in Denver in summer is necessary)


Gu with caffeine, Nuun with caffeine, and Honey Stinger Chews (add caffeine to these please I am an addict)


I have a couple of running hats from various races. Way better than cotton.


Feetures! of various types depending on the day and the weather


I love Skirtsports and Road Runner for skirts and shorts. I have a big ass and I like to have a little extra coverage so it is…less obvious. I usually buy C9 sports bras and tanks from Target, or wear my race shirts. Get your bras fitted correctly. Do not mess around with shitty ones. I also have two 3/4 zip light jackets for brisk mornings.


No seriously. Bodyglide. And sunscreen. And some huge ass sun glasses. You will sweat and chafe and burn otherwise. In cold climates, invest in some really awesome gloves for winter. I also have a flipbelt for when I’m wearing shorts with no pockets.

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to ask! I’m not an expert by any scope of the imagination, but I’ll do my best to help.