2014 Race Recap: Color Run Denver and Blacklight Run

This is what I looked at after the Color Run, including the mosh pit o’ color.

I’m adding quick blurbs about these two races just in case someone is wondering whether or not they are worth doing. My take is that they are both fun, both decently organized (neither stood out as great) and both worth doing once. The Color Run was in the morning, the Blacklight Run was at night. The Color Run was a bit more expensive so if you are on a budget, sign up early for the Blacklight Run and do that one instead. Parking at both was kind of a mess, though less so at Bandimere for the Blacklight Run. Apparently, the Blacklight run won’t be at the speedway this year, so it is anyone’s guess what the situation will be at the new location. Use the lightrail for the Color Run if you possibly can.

There were enough portapoties at both, and the water stops were fine. Color Run gives you way more STUFF, but since I didn’t need a trucker hat, wrist sweat band, or either pair of socks… meh. I will say the Color Run t-shirt is MUCH better quality than the Blacklight Run shirt. Apparently the Shine Tour Color Run is giving out finisher’s medals, but I don’t know much more than that. There’s also supposed to be a bunch of shiny powder at the end (hence the name).

All in all, they are different enough that I would suggest doing both of them once, and then maybe picking which one you like better if you want to repeat the experience. The music at both was fun, the people were fun, and my mother and I enjoyed ourselves at both races. (Yes, my 60+ year old mother likes to do themed 5ks).

I’m doing Color Me Rad on July 11th, so I’ll report on that one as well. I’m told the overall “color” experience is better, but we will see. I’m also doing the Foam Glow Run in September, which is run by the same people who do the Blacklight run and uses the same course, so I’ll get to see if they’ve upped their game at all.

This picture makes me look pregnant for whatever reason, but it gives you a good idea of what you’ll look like at the end of the Blacklight run.